Managing Our Community's Valuable Tree Resources.

Greenbelt Lake

Greenbelt lake, (900 Martin Rd) off of HWY 63 is part of the Katoski Greenbelt. This 19 acre lake offers a perimeter trail, shoreline fishing and bird watching.
Bird Friendly Iowa Community
Waterloo is the 1st Bird Friendly Community in Iowa. Our community has shown that birds are an important part of a healthy ecosystem and critical to quality of life. Waterloo has partnered with the Prairie Rapids Audubon Society to make this designation possible.

Forestry News

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer was found in Waterloo on 1/24/14 by the City’s forestry crew doing routine trimming along the city streets.  Since that time city crews have removed most ash trees on city owned properties infested with this destructive insect.  The only exception are a number of notable ash trees in parks and golf courses that are being treated.  There are also a number of trees being treated along the street right of way by the adjacent property owner. 

Homeowners with ash trees on their private property are encouraged to start researching your options.  Start getting estimates for the removal of your ash trees from licensed and insured tree services or start researching the methods and costs of treating your ash trees each year.  If homeowners choose to do nothing, the ash tree on your property will die as EAB attacks it.

The City has committed resources to replanting a number of trees in many parks and golf courses.  If homeowners determine that they want to replant a tree on the city owned right-of-way adjacent to their property, they need to get a permit from the city forester (Call 319-291-4370). 

Oak Wilt

To avoid Oak Wilt trim your oaks during the dormant season.  Between early April and mid August, beetles that transport the spores of the Oak Wilt fungus are active.  Fresh pruning cuts during that time are visited by these beetles and this creates avenues for infection.

Waterloo is a Tree City USA

Waterloo has been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation to honor its commitment to its community forest.

Don’t forget to call Iowa One Call before planting your tree(s). Utilities will be located on your property within 48 hours of calling. Call 1-800-292-8989. It is the law.